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I’d’ve’n’t had insane issues, if …

I’d’ve’nt (I would have not) had the insane issue of being too tired to write this post if I’d been able to sleep last night.

And the night before.

I’d’ve’nt had the insane issue of being alone to look after my mum (who’s okay, by the way–thanks for all the good wishes) if I hadn’t been an only child.

But there was nothing I could do about that.

I’d’ve’nt had the insane issue of wanting to learn everything now, if I hadn’t been me.

But I am.

I’d’ve’nt had the insane issue of having to keep remembering how to spell “I’d’ve’nt” every second line if I hadn’t asked for a suggestion for an “I” word.

But I did. (Thanks again.)

I’d’ve’nt had the insane issue of wondering if “I’d’ve’nt” shouldn’t be spelled “I’d’ve’n’t” if I hadn’t been an editor.

But that’s one of the things I HAVE learned.

And it’s bugging me.

Because there’s no red squiggly line under I’d’ve’n’t.

So someone out there agrees with me.

I’d’ve’n’t had the insane issue of figuring out how to end this post if I hadn’t started it.

That’ll do.

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Mother Hen

It’s hard to not act like a mother hen some days, especially when you’re a mother and you’re responsible for your own mother.

She’s back in the hospital again. My mother, that is. She fell today when she was outside having a cigarette, and she cut her head open. Smoking is dangerous to your health, I tell you!

She’s had six staples in the back of her head and a CT scan to say that’s all that’s wrong with her this time. Unlike last time when she fell and broke her neck. At least it wasn’t that horrendous.

Now, I’m just waiting for my eldest son to come home from work at 11:30 pm so I can go pick up my mum and drive her back to the retirement home.

Oh, to have harmony in my life.

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A Great Gregarious Gift

I knew the regular meaning of the word gregarious–outgoing, social–but I thought I’d look it up to see if there was anything else. And wouldn’t you know it, there was another definition to be found! From Merriam-Webster online:

a: of a plant growing in a cluster or a colony
bliving in contiguous nests but not forming a true colony used especially of wasps and bees
“b” is the sort of great gift I often find in the hedge at the front of my house. My best friend, John, has been stung after finding such a gregarious gift.
Hey, does that bow look suspiciously like insect wings? I wouldn’t open it if I were you! Might be a gargantuan wasp!

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#SoCS – Flipping Fabulous

All day, while I’ve been sitting on the couch with my laptop, editing a book, I’ve considered writing my SoCS post about books. About fabricating stories.

The day passed.

I didn’t finish my edit as I’d hoped to.

It was Sunday already by the time I decided to switch off the editing project and start on my SoCS post. So to start, I thought I’d make up my “F” badge for my “absolutely NOT A to Z” post.

And I tried to draw books.

Then I discovered that books aren’t that easy to draw in Paint 3D. They’re so difficult, in fact, that I had to write “BOOK” on my drawing of a book, so everyone would know what it was.

Flipping fabulous, I thought.

So I opened a bottle of wine. Which I am now drinking to celebrate a full day of work that I didn’t get finished, and a pathetic excuse for a picture of a book.

And this, ladies and gentleman, is why I write ’em and edit ’em and don’t draw ’em. Or at the very least, why I get paid to write ’em and edit ’em, but I don’t get paid to draw ’em.

Unless you REEEALLY want to throw me some cash.

But not coins … they hurt when they ping off the noggin’.

I should mention here that I’m open for suggestions for “G” words for Monday’s post. Leave them in the comments, if you please. I’ll take the first three–one per person, must be polite. The words, not the people. But polite people are good, too.

Last words of advice: never drink and blog.

SoCS badge by Pamela, at

Okay, you can drink and blog if you want to.

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NOTE: This post is NOT a passive-aggressive plea for validation of my mad Paint skillz. It’s just my thoughts as I thunk ’em. … Holy Shamoly! “Thunk” didn’t get a squiggly red line under it!! I’m totally using that word from now on. Or maybe it’s just out of context …

Nope! Looked it up.


\ ˈthəŋk  \

Definition of thunk

 (Entry 1 of 3)

dialectal past tense and past participle of THINK

Okay, I’m finishing this post now. And I’m turning my editor brain off. Honest.


An Echo Encapsulated in an Easter Egg

Hello … hello … ello … llo … o?

It’s me … me … e!

The Easter bunny!

I’m trapped inside this chocolate … mmm … mmMmm …

*nom nom nom*

Never mind.

Did you notice that all the words in my title start with vowels? Pretty cool, eh? They kinda … echo each other that way.

When I put together the title, I realized how well the words that were suggested to me for today’s post fit together. What on earth is better than the idea of being encapsulated in an Easter egg? Having to eat your way out …

Only being enclosed in there with a doughnut could top that!

Aaaand, I think I found my theme for this year’s quite-but-not-quite illegal A to Z Challenge.

I won’t need three words for tomorrow’s prompt since I’ll be using the “fab” prompt from SoCS. Thanks to the three ladies who gave me today’s “E” words. You’ll find their links under the words “echo,” “encapsulated” (should have been encapsulating, but hey! It’s close), and “Easter egg.”

Here’s my homemade “E” badge.




Deftly and Diligently Demarcating Doughnuts

I had to talk about something that started with “D.” That’s what “absolutely NOT the A to Z Challenge” is all about for a Thursday the 4th of April (as opposed to, say, a Monday the 4th of April, when we’d still be on the letter “C”).

And since the words that were suggested are all either adverbs or a verb, I figured I’d stick with doughnuts. Because who doesn’t love doughnuts?

Which, naturally, led me to the question how much deft and diligence goes into demarcating doughnuts? Because, let’s face it, there are so many different kinds! For instance, it’s got to be tricky to figure out what’s in the middle of a sugar doughnut. And what if the trays got mixed up? I can just imagine having to deftly stick something in the little hole where the jam goes in and diligently distinguish whether it’s strawberry, raspberry, or cherry, thus demarcating it and putting it in the right spot so no one *gasp!* gets the wrong doughnut.

Yeah, okay, this post is a stretch. But I still want to know …

What’s your favourite doughnut?

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Here’s my homemade “D” badge, complete with doughnuts, to go with my illegal A to Z post.





Crikey! is what I said after I texted Alex’s support worker (can’t call them babysitters anymore, since he’s officially an adult) to see if she could come over and “support” him, and she texted me back that she can’t make it because she’s in Australia. To which I promptly replied, “Have fun!” and then ran to my chequebook to see where I put the decimal point on her last cheque.

But the real crux of the matter is finding someone to watch him at all. It used to be that anyone with a minimal amount of ability to use sign language would do, but now that he’s older and more inclined to want to be independent, he requires someone he can communicate his needs to. And there aren’t a lot of people who know sign language.

While I’m sure nothing along the lines of a catastrophe would occur if I left him in the care of someone who knew none of his language, I can imagine it being very frustrating. So why did I even mention a catastrophe? Because Anita made me do it.

Speaking of which, I’m going to need another three words for the letter “D” tomorrow. One per person in the comments, please. And keep it clean. 🙂 If you’re wondering who gave me my three “C” words, click the links under the words “crikey,” “crux,” and “catastrophe.” Thank you!

Here’s my homemade “C” badge to go with my less-than-on-the-up-and-up A to Z post. The red thing is supposed to be a bomb going off. Yeah, I’ll stick to writing.