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#SoCS – Colds and Hots


When you’ve got a cold, do you ever wonder why you didn’t appreciate being healthy when you were? And then, when you get rid of the cold, you sigh and think, yes – I will always appreciate this feeling of not being sick until, like, the next day when you totally start taking it for granted again.

Why do they call it a cold when it makes you hot?

When it was hot in the summer, my mother used to swear by drinking hot tea. This was back in the days before homes were air conditioned and we just had to live with it. Her theory was that a hot drink made you sweat more, and when you sweated (is that a word? It doesn’t look like a word. Don’t you hate it when that happens?) …anyway, when your body produced sweat (better), the air, though hot, cooled you off more than if you had just been sweating normally. Like you do on a hot day.

My mother may have been crazy. I realize that now.

Yet it means that I don’t shy away from drinking the  hot coffee I crave, nay, need in the middle of summer. Or in stupid temperatures in the fall like we’re having now.

At least I don’t have to turn my heat on.

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Author: LindaGHill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

22 thoughts on “#SoCS – Colds and Hots

  1. So true what you say: how easily I complain of feeling bad and how quickly I forget that I ever felt bad, once I’m well. Whether I’m sick or not, I drink hot tea year-round. It rarely fails to make me feel better (even if I’m not sick).


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  3. Crazy is ok. Sometimes, the way we deal with things is mostly mental. But, if it works, it works.


  4. I really like weather in the 70s (degrees F) We get a lot of hot weather here. So I do like the mini Fall or mini Spring weather we get. 🙂


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  6. I get cold when I have a cold. It’s one of the things that freaks me out! lol
    And yes, I totally relate to thinking I’ll not take my health for granted, every time anything unhealthy happens, but I forget again.
    If I have to go out in the heat in the morning, I’ll do iced coffee. I do believe it can be too hot to hot beverages.


  7. “do you ever wonder why you didn’t appreciate being healthy when you were?”

    Every day. Especially now.


  8. Yep, that’s what I always heard, too. 🙂


  9. My mother might have been crazy, too. But it’s funny how those things they say stick with us. My mother told me that rich people eat supper late. Maybe that’s because they had hot tea in the afternoon. Who knows?

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  10. I like hot tea whatever the weather and coffee too! 🙂


  11. My mom said the same too and my grandma. Old wives tales or dare I say old wives truth 😉


  12. My mom said the same thing ; )


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