Life in progress


262. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, May 20th, 11:00am
Trevor and Gloria


Trevor: You know what tonight is, right?

Gloria: Oh no, what now?

Trevor: It’s 70s night.

Gloria: Lovely.

Trevor: I found you the perfect pair of bellbottoms.

Gloria: No.

Trevor: And platform shoes.

Gloria: I said no.

Trevor: And heart-shaped glasses.

Gloria: And don’t tell me – an Afro wig.

Trevor: Oh yes.

Gloria: (sighs) You’re killing me softly.

Trevor: Gonna play that funky music.

Gloria: My sweet Lord.

Trevor: Gonna walk on the wild side.

Gloria: Dream on.

Trevor: Imagine!

Gloria: Let it be!

Trevor: Fine. Go your own way.

Gloria: (stares out the window) I will survive.


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#SoCS – Empty – My Whoa Moment of the Week

This is really what stream of consciousness writing is all about, isn’t it? Emptiness.

Every time I’ve thought about writing this post today (and in the end I almost forgot to do it–imagine that), the only thing that has come to me has been the Taoist philosophy on emptiness being useful. A room with no space in it isn’t livable. Take things out of it–make space–and the emptiness makes the room useful.

For a long time I’ve endeavored to, once in a while, empty my mind. The largely western idea of the purpose of meditation–to sit and think about something, or to meditate on something–is the opposite of the eastern philosophy. I meditate to empty my mind. To clear out all the thoughts and regrets and worries for the future–and stress. Because once my mind is empty, I can fill it up with new ideas, better solutions, and calmer thoughts.

So how is writing stream of consciousness about emptiness? It’s a form of meditation. It’s the act of emptying our minds onto the page.

All together now– WHOA!

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