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249. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, May 7th, 1:00pm
Red (and Justin)


Red sits at the window carrying a basket of food. Justin takes the seat beside her.

Justin: Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Red: I … don’t think so.

Justin: Yeah, aren’t you that chick who gets eaten by a wolf?

Red: (eyes widen) Ooh, I hope not!

Justin: You’re not going to your grandma’s house, are you?

Red: Yeah … I just left my mom’s place. I’m on my way to drop off some goodies.

Justin: It’s not safe out there alone you know. I can walk you there if you’d like.

Red: (smiles) I made it there without incident the last two days running.

Justin: Well you know what they say: three times lucky. Or unlucky. Or something.

Red: How do I know you’re not a wolf?

Justin: Pfft. Who, me? Nah. I’m just a bouncer in a dungeon.

Red: (eyes widen even more: slowly nods head) Now THAT sounds like a trustworthy profession. I think I’ll take my chances. Thanks anyway.


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The Magician’s Curse by Linda G. Hill

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Wrong side of forty


When Herman Anderson leaves home to make a better life for herself, she doesn’t expect to meet a tall, dark stranger with whom she’ll fall hopelessly in love. Charming and mysterious, Stephen Dagmar is a stage magician seeking an assistant. The moment he sets eyes on Herman, he knows she’s the one. He brings her home to his Victorian mansion where they embark upon an extravagant romance. Yet a shadow hangs over their love. Will the curse on his family end Stephen and Herman’s happily ever after, before it really begins? Amidst lace and leather, innocence and debauchery, The Magician’s Curse begins the Gothic tale of The Great Dagmaru. Magic and romance await.

My Review

I’d like to thank Anne Cater and Linda Hill for including me in this blog tour.

I am truly lucky to read so many amazing books, amongst all the gems I read occasionally a…

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