Life in progress


266. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Thursday, May 24th, 4:00pm
Drew (and Sean)


Drew sits at the window. Sean takes the seat beside him.

Drew: Have you ever wondered at the delicacy of the connection we have with society on the world wide web?

Sean: No.

Drew: Think about it. We’ve become so reliant on this service, this technology. And yet it is what it is: a web. Strong and yet so precarious. We stomp along the spokes, hopping around what is essentially the world, and yet what if it should break?

Sean: Snail mail?

Drew: Indeed. You’re very smart, young man. Where do you get all that intellectual prowess from?

Sean: (shrugs) I saw a street address on the back of a cereal box once, for people who don’t have the internet.

Drew: Really?

Sean: Count Chocula, I think.

Drew: Fascinating.


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