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#SoCS – Logical English


I’m a huge fan of logic. It might be my star sign (Aquarius) or it might be just good ol’ learnin’, but logic makes more sense to me than stuff like intuition.

Though I do trust my intuition a lot. But not when there’s logic to be had.

Then there are some things I’ve just learned to accept. There’s really no fighting things like the English language, and its refusal to conjugate, for instance, “specific” into “specifical” when “magic” is “magical” and, well, “logic” is “logical.”

So, I’ve had to memorize these illogical instances, as we do. Or we don’t if we never get good at spelling. I think one of the worst things invented is spellcheck. It, like modern checkout machines at cash registers has made us lazy. I’VE become a bit lazy. Imagine that! Illogical, if you ask me.

What’s most logical on my mind currently is getting this post posted. I keep losing my Internet connection, and I want to send it off before I go to bed. Maybe even while it’s still Saturday!

Hope everyone had a good one. 🙂

A fond farewell to our SoCS badge! I’ll miss that little stream. ❤

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

23 thoughts on “#SoCS – Logical English

  1. I prefer magic to logic and mercy, do I need spellcheck now and again. Some things I fear I’ll never learn!


  2. I sometimes exasperate people when I explain why something they said it did was illogical. I often wonder if the lack of common sense is tied in to people’s inability to think logically.


  3. Yes, spellcheck certainly has some interesting interpretations, especially when we use voice text. Nice stream.


  4. I totally agree with being logical. Some of the smartest people I know have no logic what so ever. Its amazing.

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  5. Okay you won your own game with how many “ics?” i find it quite prickly that spellcheck is a stickler for getting it wrong. Myself you can see relies soley on me … on account of me being so “chic”


  6. The first thing I figure out how to do is how to turn off spell check. I can spell better than it can.


  7. English is the most ridiculous language 💜

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  8. I would be lost without spellcheck. I might make me lazy, but it keeps me from looking dumb. Except when it makes me look even dumber.


  9. I definitely understand spellcheck can make you lazy. Then again, since I type most of my posts in Notepad, which doesn’t have spellcheck, I don’t run into this that often. I agree about “specific(al)”.


  10. Spellcheck makes everyone lazy for sure! I stopped using it as its wrong so much of the time anyway!


    • I’m surprised sometimes when it doesn’t recognize a word that I’ve spelled correctly! Which pisses me off because I end up questioning myself and going to the dictionary to make sure. 😛


  11. Spellcheck keeps me on my toes. Just because it’s spelled correctly doesn’t mean its the write word, after awl. 😉

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