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338. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Saturday, August 4th, 9:00pm
Edward and Lily


Edward: Why are you in such a bad mood?

Lily: Your psycho girlfriend stole my pet.

Edward: I couldn’t leave him with my Bella. They were getting too friendly. And anyway, she’s not my girlfriend. She’s just a psycho.

Lily: So now you get rid of the psycho AND you still have Bella locked up in my basement. What’s in it for me?

Edward: (thinks a moment) My undying gratitude?

Lily: (stares at him) Not good enough.

Edward: I did distract the cops that time. Doesn’t that count for anything?

Lily: No. You had way too much fun with it. (crosses arms and slouches) You get all the fun. All I get is the whiny, “You’ve got to let me go!” and, “I’ll do anything, just let me go!” all day while I’m trying to get my beauty rest.

Edward: (sits up straight) Anything? She said she’ll do anything?

Lily: (tiredly) Yeah.

Edward: Hmmm …

Lily: What are you thinking?

Edward: (hesitantly) Maybe she doesn’t really want to be with me.

Lily: No! You think?

Edward: Are you being sarcastic?

Lily: No! (rolls eyes)

Edward: Do you think we should let her go?

Lily: You’ll have to wipe out her memory first. You can do that though, right?

Edward hesitates, his eyes shifting back and forth.

Lily: Of course you can.

Edward continues to avoid the question.

Lily: Are you a vampire or not?

Edward: (affronted) Of course I am!

Lily: Then there’s no problem.

Edward: (uncertainly) Right.


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Free Offer Ends This Weekend!

Hi all! Just a note to let you know that on Sunday, August 5/18 at midnight, The Magician’s Curse will return to its regular price of $2.99.

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When a young woman falls in love with a mysterious stage magician, their passion collides with a dark family secret… Spellbinding romance awaits in this entertaining gothic tale!

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Here are some recent reviews:

I had to go to sleep behalf way through, but got back to it after work and finished it. Good story. Interesting dilemma for an honest man in love. Looking forward to the second in the series. ~ 5 Stars – Loves to read and review,

This book was great. From the wonderful characters, to the amazingly believable unbelievable story line. Confused? Well, although we all know magic isn’t real, the author makes it all make sense. This story about a young woman, Herman, and the man she meets. He is trying to break a curse that was placed on his family. i feel like i would be giving away spoilers by continuing. So, just read the book and you won’t be disappointed. The only complaint i have is I wanted to continue reading the next story now. ~ 4 Stars – hlee,

I must say Ms. Hill writes a very engaging story about two very interesting characters who meet and fall in love. I normally do not read books with younger characters, but this talented author had me hooked from the very beginning. I love mystery with a darker side and truly enjoyed The Magician’s Curse. I eagerly await more from Ms. Hill. Hope she is a fast writer! ~ 5 Stars – Lorey Frazher,



#SoCS – Call

If I could call my dad, he’d be amazed that I was using a wireless phone, because he died in 1978. Or maybe he wouldn’t, if he’s really watching over me.

If I could call my dad, he’d say he wishes he could meet his grandkids. Though two of them are too big to dandle on his knee.

If I could call my dad, I think he’d be proud of me for continuing his love of telling stories.

If I could call my dad, he’d be happy that I kept my sense of humour, even through all the shit I’ve been through.

If I could call my dad, he might or might not think I’m doing enough for my mother. He may just acknowledge that I’ve got enough to do already.

If I could call my dad, I’d be grateful for one last chance to give him the opportunity to make me spit tea through my nose …

If I could call my dad, I’d tell him I’m doing my best.

If I could call my dad, I’d tell him I miss him.

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Precognitive and Recurring Dreams by Linda G. Hill

Check out my guest post on Transmundane Press blog. 😀

Transmundane Press

Don’t you just love those wonderful dreams that make you wish you could go back to sleep and continue? You’ve found the love of your life, or you’re in the best place, having the most fun you’ve ever had. You wake up to the alarm and think, “Noooo. Why now?” So you hit the snooze button and sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll return to where you left off.

Then, there are the ones you’re grateful you woke up from. You don’t want to go back to sleep because sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll return to that terrifying or sad dream state.

These latter are the ones I often dream over and over again. Recurring dreams have been the better part of my reality for most of my life. I spent years fighting nightly within the walls of an elevator that had a mind of its own. The doors would open between…

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