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341. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Tuesday, August 7th, 5:00 7:00pm
Maurice (and Stuart)


Maurice sits at the window. Stuart takes the seat beside him.

Maurice: Hey, buddy! Long time no see!

Stuart: Yep. Been out of town for a while. Lost my apartment after I lost my job.

Maurice: Oh no! How did that happen?

Stuart: Damned cat.

Maurice: The cat made you lose your job and your apartment?

Stuart: Yep. It got this really weird skin rash. I spent a week looking after it because the old lady I lived with was allergic to the cream it needed rubbed on its skin.

Maurice: So you lost your job ’cause you took a week off?

Stuart: Yep.

Maurice: And I guess then you couldn’t afford the apartment.

Stuart: Oh, no. I could still afford it. But the old lady discovered that breed of cats that don’t have hair and decided the original cat got its skin disease because it was lonely. Twenty-six of the little buggers later, there was no room left for me.

Maurice: How is the old lady affording the place by herself?

Stuart: She taught the cats a bunch of tricks. She’s got a circus going in the living room. Charges a bundle to let people watch.

Maurice: Sounds like living with that old lady’s always been a bit of a circus.

Stuart: You got that right.


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Summer Fun

Ah, summertime. At home 24/7 with a kid who’s currently screaming like he’s actually on the set of The Price Is Right and not sitting in front of the TV. So far, since camp finished, we’ve been to a Poutine Feast (the lobster poutine was to DIE for), we’ve been out for walks and to the grocery store. Coming up we have a movie, mini-golf, lunch at the mall, a trip to the library, and of course tonight there’s baseball.

So much fun!

Except life doesn’t stop for me. Call me a party pooper, but my stress level is calling me back to the computer to get stuff done. The book launch for The Magician’s Blood is this Friday (get it on pre-order for $2.99! The price goes up to $4.99 on Friday!), and the paperback cover has colour issues, so I need to get that sorted out. It’ll be a while before that’s ready, so if you’re waiting for the physical copy, sorry. :/ Hopefully next week.

I have stories to write, things to edit for other people … and a kid who just wants to have fun with his mom!!

I feel so guilty for not sharing his enthusiasm. I just keep telling myself to live in the moment. That’s all you can do, right?

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