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355. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Tuesday, August 21st, 5:00 6:00pm
Simon (and Sofia)


Simon sits at the window. Sofia takes the seat beside him.

Sofia: I’m sitting here because there’s somebody at the back of the bus I don’t like.

Simon: Oh really?

Sofia: It’s more like I don’t understand her. All she talks about is guys with beards. She absolutely loves guys with beards. Can’t get enough of guys with beards. I wouldn’t mind, but she’s obsessed. And I don’t know – she’s just got really bad taste.

Simon: (turns) Which one is she?

Sofia: Doesn’t matter. She wouldn’t like you. You’re clean shaven.

Simon: Oh, I don’t care if she likes me. I just want to see how bad she tastes.


Next stop: Wednesday, August 22nd, 5:00pm

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