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#SoCS – Logical English

I’m a huge fan of logic. It might be my star sign (Aquarius) or it might be just good ol’ learnin’, but logic makes more sense to me than stuff like intuition.

Though I do trust my intuition a lot. But not when there’s logic to be had.

Then there are some things I’ve just learned to accept. There’s really no fighting things like the English language, and its refusal to conjugate, for instance, “specific” into “specifical” when “magic” is “magical” and, well, “logic” is “logical.”

So, I’ve had to memorize these illogical instances, as we do. Or we don’t if we never get good at spelling. I think one of the worst things invented is spellcheck. It, like modern checkout machines at cash registers has made us lazy. I’VE become a bit lazy. Imagine that! Illogical, if you ask me.

What’s most logical on my mind currently is getting this post posted. I keep losing my Internet connection, and I want to send it off before I go to bed. Maybe even while it’s still Saturday!

Hope everyone had a good one. 🙂

A fond farewell to our SoCS badge! I’ll miss that little stream. ❤

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352. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Saturday, August 18th, 9:00pm
Edward (and Bella)


Edward sits at the window. Bella boards the bus.

Bella: (as she approaches) Oh God, you’re back already?

Edward: Just to show you something. Then I’m gone.

Bella: What is it?

Edward: Sit down and I’ll show you.

Bella sits beside him.

Edward: (pulls envelope out of his pocket) My ticket. I’m leaving tonight for Transylvania. To find my ancestors.

Bella: Your family came from … wait. You know you’re not actually a vampire. And even if you were, you’re not related to Vlad the Impaler.

Edward: (sighs) I am a vampire and I am descended from Vlad.

Bella laughs.

Edward: You don’t believe me.

Bella: Of course not.

Edward: Then how do you explain my escape from prison?

Bella: I don’t know – a friend who eats flies?

Edward: No! I turned into smoke.

Bella: Right. Okay then. Let me see you do it now.

Edward: I can’t. I … wouldn’t want to attract attention to you.

Bella: To me? (laughs again)

Edward: You hurt me to the quick, Bella. But never mind. I will go to Transylvania and return with riches, and then you’ll not be able to deny me.

Bella: Watch me.

Edward: You’ll see.

Bella: Right.

Edward: Now, if you’ll excuse me.

Bella waits.

Edward: I’d like to get off the bus now.

Bella: You’re not going to turn into a bat and fly out the window?

Edward: The windows don’t open.

Bella: (stands) Have a nice life, Edward.

Edward: I will Bella. When you’re finally in it for good.

Edward exits the bus.


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