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353. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, August 19th, 5:00pm
Danielle (and Dale)


Danielle sits at the window. Dale takes the seat beside her.

Dale: Hey, Danny, long time no see.

Danielle: (frowning) Yeah …

Dale: What’s new with you?

Danielle: Oh, you know.

Dale: Lots of changes for me. I just moved and stuff.

Danielle: Uh huh.

Dale: So, how’s the wife?

Danielle: I … don’t have a wife.

Dale: (one eyebrow raised) Didn’t you get married a while ago?

Danielle: Yeah, but I married a man.

Dale: Really? I didn’t know you were gay.

Danielle: I’m not.

Dale: (turning red) I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else.

Danielle turns to the window, self-consciously rubbing the dark hair on her upper lip.


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