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348. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Tuesday, August 14th, 6:00pm
Simon (and Wendy)


Simon sits at the window. Wendy takes the seat beside him.

Simon: Can I ask you a strange question?

Wendy: Sure.

Simon: If you were going to be executed but first they had to give you anything at all you wanted to eat, what would you order as your last meal?

Wendy: Hmmm … I think I’d order an endless buffet. Then I could eat myself to death before they got their hands on me.

Simon: That’s brilliant! I can add that to mine.

Wendy: What do you mean?

Simon: Well, I was going to order a fresh human as my last meal. But a whole buffet of them? I’d be in heaven before I even got there!

Wendy: That’s sick!

Simon: Do you really think so?

Wendy: Absolutely!

Simon: (thinks for a moment) Maybe I should stick with just one then.


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