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208. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Tuesday, March 27th, 5:00pm
Betty and Karla


Betty: What did the doctor say?

Karla: (mumbles, looking at her phone) Not much.

Betty: Well, he must have said something. I don’t know why you won’t let me come in with you any more.

Karla: (mumbles, not looking up) S’personal.

Betty: Your problem’s not that personal. I made the appointment for you. Did he tell you to take anything? A laxative maybe?

Karla: No fucking way!

Betty: Are you talking to me or the phone?

Karla: (texts madly) Phone. No, the doctor didn’t tell me to take anything.

Betty: Well have you had a movement?

Karla: (texting) I move around all the time.

Betty: No, a movement. A mooovement.

Karla: (still texting) What are you, a cow?

Betty: No, I mean have you had a poo!

Karla: (looks up for the first time) MOM! Jeez! (goes back to texting) Do you live to embarrass me, or what?

Betty: (mumbles) At least I know how to get your attention now.


Next stop: Wednesday, March 28th, 7:00pm

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112. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Thursday, December 21st, 3:00pm
Gina and Roxie


Gina: Did you get my text?

Roxie: (pulls one earphone out) What?

Gina: Did you get my text?

Roxie: (puts earphone in) No.

Gina: I’ll resend.

Roxie: (a moment later) Oh my God! Really?

Gina: Uh huh, and not just that. (texts Roxie)

Roxie: No way!

Gina: Way! And then, she said, “I don’t have to put up with this shit. LOL”

Roxie: (pulls earphone out) What?

Gina: Hang on, I’ll text it.

Roxie: (a moment later) I can’t believe she said that!

Gina: (nods) And she even LOL’ed!

Roxie: What?

Gina: Wait, she’s texting me now.

Roxie: (pulls earphone out) What did she say?

Gina: (pulls earphone out) What?

Roxie: What did she say?

Gina: Hang on, I’ll forward it.

Both put in earphones. Ad nauseum.


Next stop: Friday, December 22nd, 5:00pm

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Missing – #SoCS

I’m cold. I miss the warmer weather. Funny, I remember missing the colder weather when it was hot outside. Those of us who enjoy spring and fall spend most of the year in a state of discontentedness.  (Why is that not a word, spellcheck?) Discontent. That’s better.

When I came up with this prompt I was thinking about how Paul Curran went missing online. It’s very easy to just up and disappear from the internet. Much easier than it is, say, to go missing from home. When you go missing from home you’ve got to find somewhere else to go. I know – I try to go missing often. Not that I want to worry anyone, but it seems the only way I can get any writing done. So I go out, to restaurants and coffee shops. But then I have to buy something. Going missing can be very expensive. And fattening too. Potentially.

It’s hard to dismiss thoughts of one who has gone missing. You might wonder where they are, how they’re doing, whether or not they’re thinking of you. And waiting – oh waiting for someone to come home is the worst, isn’t it? Even if you know where they are and that they’re on their way. I suppose it’s much easier to know such things in this age, with cell phones. Way way back when I was a girl ( 😛 ) and there were no such things as portable phones, waiting was insufferable. If someone wasn’t at home there was no way to reach them. Back then you didn’t know if they’d gone missing or not until they showed up.

My grammar sucks sometimes when I write stream of consciousness… it’s positively gone missing.

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS) Start with a Verb

Kicking and screaming is how they’re going to have to pry my cell phone out of my cold dead hand.

Okay, not really. But seriously, I’m not sure I could live without my cell phone. But it’s not only me, either.

Consider this: When I was young (a teenager) I used to go out with my friends. (Of course.) I’d have a curfew and my mother would be sitting in the kitchen waiting for me to come home. She made sure I had a dime in case I needed to call. I’m sure she must have sat by the phone as well.

Now (these days), when my son went out (he’s moved out now) I’d not have to sit by the phone – it would be in my pocket. He didn’t need a dime – he had a cell. I knew that at any given moment he could call me without needing to look for a payphone.

How did our parents survive back then? I’d be worried poo-less!

I can’t imagine having to go through all that waiting, and wondering, and worrying about my kids. I don’t worry as much about my own safety now either.

I suppose it prepared my mother for when I went to Japan by myself – I didn’t have a cell phone then. But in Japan I felt very safe.

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble. That’s what SoCS is all about though.

What do you think? Could you live without a cell phone? Would you let your kids out of the house at night without one?


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