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The Destroyer Strikes Again


Okay, I didn’t actually destroy the computers at Service Ontario (where we renew our licenses and health cards), but I didn’t seem to do them any favours.

If you read my bloated one-liner on Wednesday (here), you’ll know that whilst out at the mall, not one but two computers in the stores I visited crapped out while I was there. Apparently my reign of terror was not over. It happened again. Yesterday.

Both my son Chris and I needed to renew our health cards. So we went into the office and sat to wait our turn, as you do. We were called up to Desk #6 (there are 9) and the lady started filling out the paperwork. When she tried to take Chris’s picture, it didn’t work. The camera was fine, but the computer wouldn’t capture the image. So she sent us to Desk #3.

A nice lady helped us through the process and got Chris all set. Then it was my turn. As she was processing my paperwork, the computer started glitching.

“Oh no,” I said and then explained to her what had happened at the mall.

She waved it off good-naturedly and suggested we take my picture while the computer was doing its thing.

“I’ll try not to break your camera,” I said as I stepped in front of it.

The lady thought that was hilarious, and we laughed until I had to do the serious face for my photo. Then came her serious face when the picture didn’t work. Her computer crashed.

“Okay,” she said. “I’ll just pass you off to my colleague at Desk #4.”

The other lady with whom she shared a workspace and who hadn’t been busy for a while said that if her camera worked, it wasn’t me, it was the lady she worked with who broke the computer.

So I stood in front of the camera again and we laughed and laughed, and I got serious, and then we all got serious. It didn’t work. At this point, three out of nine computers weren’t working.

So the lady at Desk #4 asked us to have a seat while she called IT. While we sat there (right by the desk), a man passed us to go to Desk #2. A woman was following him so closely, that I thought they were together. The man approached the desk but the woman stood back.

“You just called me to this desk,” she said, confused. It was obvious the two weren’t together at this point.

“Oh,” said the man behind Desk #2. “Sorry, just take a seat and we’ll call you up next. It happens sometimes that the computer calls two people up at the same time. Must be a glitch.”

Shortly after that we went back to Desk #4 and I got my confirmation that my renewal had gone through offsite. The lady’s computer still wasn’t working, but they’d done it somehow through another office. Obviously one where I wasn’t physically present.

I’m afraid to go out again.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

31 thoughts on “The Destroyer Strikes Again

  1. Ok I was just going to like your post due to time constraints but the page is taking forever to totally load and the like button hasn’t yet appeared. Should I be worried? lol I’ll definitely worry if this comment doesn’t post!


  2. Some days I would love to have your super-power!


  3. Oh dear! wonder what the problem was? still I’m glad you got your card without any trouble!


  4. Magnetic attraction. I believe in it. Better to do what you can on your own computer. Remember Ghostbusters and crossing streams? Yeah. It works like that. Or never put a magnet near your TV screen. My kids ruined one from that. People do have their own vibration of energy. I drive under lights that aren’t working and they turn on. I’d love to see a real scientific study about it. I’ve seen this happen so often– both good and bad to deny it. Still its funny how often you told them and they laughed until it happened to them.


  5. LOL Stay clear of my office, Lady! πŸ˜› You’ve tapped into some bad electromagnetic juju somewhere, but it’s nice there’s so much laughter about it.

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  6. Wow! Do you have any special energies that you know of…? I have friends who always break watches and computers in their vicinity.


  7. ummm … so do you have any Russian connections on Facebook? Just deny if you do. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  8. OH MY!!!!! Sounds like you have the Malocchio…The Curse!!!! Glad you got your renewal done…finally! πŸ™‚


  9. Lind-Armaggedon!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I’m wondering if reading your blog on a computer is the same as you standing in front of a camera?

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Please let me know if you ever plan on visiting Connecticut. I won’t be here that weekend, but…

    Liked by 2 people

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