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#SoCS – Calculations

By my calculations, the weekend went by in a blink. Maybe not a mathematical calculation, but definitely a scientific one. Why? Because I said so.

Did your parents say that to you as a child? Mine did.

All day today, I’ve thought it was Sunday, but then I thought no, it’s Saturday. So I was wrongly convinced that I was wrongly convinced it was Sunday. And it was! (It’s Monday now, technically.)

Or is it?

Yes. It is.

What a weird day.

I saw a squirrel die today. Got run over.

That sucked.

Okay, not today, because today is Monday, and it’s only been Monday for 15 minutes. But Sunday. I saw a squirrel get run over. In front of a church, no less. On a … Sunday. Yes. It was Sunday.

I have a feeling I’m going to have nightmares tonight, and that really sucks.

I had nightmares last night. I was woken up by one of those emergency notifications to let me know there was an armed and dangerous man on the loose and to stay home.

So what did I dream about?

You guessed it.

I need a good night’s sleep.

Because this blinking weekend sucked.

By my calculations, at least.

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115. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, December 24th, 2:00pm
Damien (and Flora)


Damien sits at the window with his head in his hands. Flora takes the seat beside him.

Flora: Hey! How’s it goin’?

Damien: I can’t believe I did it.

Flora: Did what?

Damien: You know I’ve been working shifts, right?

Flora: Yeah.

Damien: I worked ’til six this morning, went home and passed out, and I had this dream. I dreamt I hadn’t got any of my Christmas shopping done. So I jumped out of bed, and I literally ran to the mall.

Flora: And then you realized it was a dream?

Damien nods, his head still in his hands.

Flora: You got time off at Christmas?

Damien: Yeah, I don’t go back ’til the 29th.

Flora: Sounds like you could use a break. Want to go for a coffee?

Damien: (looks up at her) You buyin’? I don’t get paid ’til next week.

Flora: Sure. But how were you going to do any shopping if you don’t have enough for coffee?

Damien: (shakes his head and chuckles) Thank God it was just a dream. Would’a been a nightmare if I’d actually tried to buy something.


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It’s Been a Day … And a Half

My day started with a nightmare and a strange noise at 1:30am. The dream terrified me, the noise that I woke up to paralysed me for about five minutes. It sounded similar to my tormentor, Giggling Bob, only closer: Giggling Bob is in a box on the opposite side of the house to my bedroom. Other than not being quite the same noise, it wasn’t Bob’s usual time of 3:14. The conclusion can only be that Bob has invited a friend into the house.

So after five terror-stricken minutes, I picked up my cell phone and called my best friend John, who luckily is working nights this weekend. I wouldn’t have called him otherwise, knowing how precious sleep is. Being the nice guy he is, he talked me down from my panic to the level where I was able to put on pants and get up to check that all the doors were locked. They weren’t – the garage door was open. But after a quick trip around the house to make sure the kids and I were alone (with John still on the line) I went back to bed and, after a full hour of being on the phone, went back to sleep.

To properly explain the next part of my story, I must back up a bit. Last week I scratched the roof of my mouth. It’s been so resistant to healing, and so painful, that I decided to fast today to give it a break. Knowing that the kids would be going with their dad tonight, I wasn’t worried about being hungry well into the evening – I could go to bed early. I’m exhausted anyway from my adventure of the wee hours of the morning. Two proverbial birds with one stone and all that.

Can you hear the scratching of a record needle? Of course you can. My ex texted me to say he wasn’t coming.

In the meantime, I had a doctor’s appointment for my shoulder (which has been hurting since January) so I thought, why not ask him to take his handy-dandy light thingie and shine it in my mouth to see what’s wrong in there. One prescription later, I’m now the proud owner of something I didn’t know existed – steroid-laced dental paste.

Dry your palette with a paper towel, the pharmacist said, (eww) and then put the paste on your thumb and spread it on the roof of your mouth. But don’t try to rub it in. It has to stay there. Just a layer of paste for at least half an hour. And don’t lick it.


Do you have any idea what happens to your mouth when you can’t allow your tongue to touch the roof, and you’re thinking about it? You drool. Try to swallow without touching your tongue to your palette. Go ahead. Do it now.

See what I mean? Now sit like that for half an hour.

Now it’s 10:40pm on the same day I woke up terrified. I’m exhausted, waiting for Alex’s feeding pump to finish doing its thing, I’m starving, I’m drooling, and I still haven’t figured out if I have yet another possessed toy in the house to terrorize me in the middle of the night.

If I do find the toy though… it’s going home in my ex’s trunk the next time he picks up the kids. WITH Giggling Bob.


Just Do It! – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (Do/Don’t)

Just do it. Such simple advice – so why is it so difficult to follow sometimes? I can have a million things I have to do, but when faced with them, I’ll often say, well, maybe I’ll just have a cup of tea first. Or maybe I’ll check my stats, or do this sudoku, or the worse one of all, maybe I’ll just have a bite to eat. Then before I know it, the day has run out and I’ve done nothing but gained weight and the satisfaction of having completed a puzzle.

It’s like the dream I was having last night. I was trying to go somewhere in a hurry, but every time I started to run, my rhythm somehow went off and I veered off into a circle. Don’t ask me how this makes any sense, but I can tell you it was extremely frustrating. At one point I even tried to sing a song, in order to run to the beat of it, but my feet just wouldn’t cooperate with my head. In the end I didn’t make it to where I needed to go.

Just like real life.

Why, oh why do we procrastinate? I’ll think about it while I boil the kettle.


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Toothy Icicles

Three different shots of the icicles outside my bathroom window:
The first is fixed a little – in actuality I could see the icicles sparkling through the blinds, but they didn’t turn out well, even with some editing.


The second looked like something I might see on the morning after the night before:

fuzzy window

And the third is like a bad nightmare gone worse:


Which one do you like best?


House of dreams


In my recurring dream there is a house. It can’t always be found. Sometimes it’s in the city, hidden like the one in Harry Potter, squeezed between two others, sometimes I can only find it from the back. Sometimes it’s a barn and sometimes it’s just a vacant old thing with beer bottles scattered everywhere. Sometimes it’s in the country, looking out over acres and acres of landscape through large picture windows on the upper floor. But always, it’s hard to find.

I’ve dreamed of it falling to ruin with years of neglect and transient beings and cats. I’ve dreamed of living in it and oh how grand it was, with huge sunlit rooms. Many times the rooms are hidden too. Or they will be one after another so that I have to go through one to get to the next. No privacy – never any privacy in this house. And it never quite belongs to me, but always I used to live there. And I want it back.

The house of my dreams is always sinister.

Last night I dreamed it burned. Not all the way to the ground, but there were holes in it and the damage to the upstairs was extensive. The people who owned it, with whom I was visiting, wanted to keep it but it was no longer safe. It made my throat hurt. It hurt my heart.

I want it back.