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6. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right


Wednesday, September 6th 7:00pm
Myrtle and Edith


Myrtle: I told him! I said to him, ‘If you don’t go and get that seen to, it’s going to get infected!’ But did he listen to me? And now look at him. All doubled over in pain, not able to get out of bed.

Edith: Well, all you can do is tell them. Paddy’s able to look after himself. He can’t have you waiting on him all the time.

Myrtle: I’ll be darned if he thinks I’m waiting on him! After he told me I worry too much and that I’ve become a fusspot. A fusspot! Do you believe he actually said that to my face?

Edith: Nerve.

Myrtle: He does have a lot of nerve. And now it serves him right. (pauses to glance out the window) I’ve loved that man most of my life and that’s the thanks I get.

Edith: He doesn’t deserve all you do for him, Myrtle. But what can you do?

Myrtle: You know, Edie, there was a time when I’d do anything for that man. Forty-five years we’ve been married, and we’ve seen it all. Well you know. How long were you married to Harvey, God rest his soul?

Edith: It would have been fifty-one years this week.

Edith squeezes the top of her cane, kneading it.

Myrtle: Now, Edie, I don’t want you to be thinking you’re doing something wrong. I don’t feel that way and my Paddy’s still alive! (looks up) Oh, this is our stop. Come on, Edie, the Chippendales await. Let’s go get ourselves a stiff one, shall we?


Next stop: Thursday, September 7th, 5:00pm

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

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