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58. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right (special #SoCS edition)


Saturday, October 28th, 8:00pm
Sally (and Passenger One and Passenger Two)


Sally sits at the window. Passengers One and Two take the seats in front of her.

Passenger One: (to Passenger Two) Which brings me to my next question: what are you going for Halloween as this year?

Passenger Two: I told you, I’m going as a sandwich. But I’d like to return to your first question …

Passenger One: What kind?

Passenger Two: What kind of what?

Passenger One: What kind of sandwich are you going as?

Passenger Two: (frowns) It doesn’t matter what kind of sandwich I’m going to go as, I want you to clarify what you meant by your first question.

Passenger One: I wouldn’t go as a peanut butter sandwich if I were you. You’ll have all the dogs in the neighbourhood chasing you.

Passenger Two: (turns and looks Passenger One directly in the eye) Your first question? What did you mean? Don’t make me … (closes eyes and exhales heavily) Okay. I’m not going to get angry …

Passenger One: Baloney.

Passenger Two: (yelling) I’m not! I’m not going to get angry!

Passenger One: Calm down. I meant you can go as a baloney sandwich.

Passenger Two: (still yelling) I’ll sandwich you in a minute!

Sally: (leans forward) If I may …

Passenger Two: (turns to her and yells) What do you want, witch?

Sally: (aghast) I was just going to suggest your friend answer your question. But if you don’t want my help …

Passenger Two: (calmly) Well, thank you. (turns to Passenger One) You see? Even strangers want to know what you meant by your first question.

Sally: Actually, I just want to know what the first question was.

Passenger Two: (to Sally, yelling again) Mind your own business, witch!

Passenger One: (to Passenger Two) Are you quite finished yet?

Passenger Two: (voice raised, anxious) It depends: what do you mean?

Sally: Ahhh …

Passenger Two: (turns) What are you “ahhh”ing about?

Sally: I assume that was the first question you’re referring to.

Passenger One: (turns to Sally) Yes, I’m thinking a Marmite sandwich might be best, too.

Sally: He’s definitely salty enough.


Next stop: Sunday, October 29th, 2:00pm

Click here to learn all about this series, how it works, and where to find your favourite characters.

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

9 thoughts on “58. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right (special #SoCS edition)

  1. good post


  2. This reminds me of “who’s on first”


  3. Bahaha! Bit of Who’s on First kinda thing here. So punny! I likey! 🙂


  4. But what was the first question? >.<


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