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279. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Wednesday, June 6th, 9:00am
Meghan and T.J.


Meghan: You going to Tim Horton’s today?

T.J.: I wasn’t planning on it, why?

Meghan: It’s Camp Day.

T.J.: Oh yeah! No. I’m not going to Tim’s.

Meghan: You don’t want to send a kid to camp?

T.J.: Not really. I don’t think any kid should be subjected to that many mosquitoes.

Meghan: But it’s not all about the mosquitoes.

T.J.: Not to mention the spiders, snakes, raccoons, bears …

Meghan: You never went camping as a kid, did you?

T.J.: How can you tell?

Meghan: ‘Coz there’s so much more to it than that.

T.J.: Like what?

Meghan: Sleeping in a tent, canoeing, the campfire …

T.J.: Finding out there’s a rock in the middle of the tent when you’re trying to get to sleep, getting caught in a sudden storm in the middle of the lake, melting the toes of your sneakers because you’re freezing to death … I have friends who went.

Meghan: McDonald’s?

T.J.: (nods) It’s for the kids.


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#JusJoJan 2018, the 9th – Coffee

It’s quite obvious I didn’t get enough today.

Not that I go there often anymoreaddi since I don’t get out much, but there was a boycott of sorts today of Tim Horton’s here in Canada. Something to do with the raise of minimum wage and them not wanting to pay for breaks or something. I don’t know. I love Tim’s, but I didn’t go there today. I wouldn’t have, anyway.

Honestly, I wish I could survive on coffee alone. But too much of it upsets my stomach, and I’m not sure it doesn’t mess with my sleep, too, if I drink it later in the evening.

However, if you’re buying, I take it with double cream, no sugar …

This post was brought to you by Just Jot it January, and in particular, prompted by the word, “coffee,” provided by Barbara! Thank you so much, Barbara! You can find her JusJoJan post by clicking right here. Please go and say hi! To participate in the prompt, please visit this post, where you’ll find the rules and you can leave your link in the comments.


NanoPoblano Day 18 – …okay, not really. But there’s coffee!

Saying it’s been a rough couple of days is an understatement of mammoth proportions. But the time’s finally here: I’m packed (almost) and just about ready to wake up to a day of traveling. By this time tomorrow night I’ll be a little more than half-way across the Pacific Ocean on my way to sunny (or actually, according to the forecast probably rainy) Tokyo. I’ve mapped out my route from the train station to the hotel this time, so no more wandering the streets until my legs threaten to fall off.

Since I won’t be around for a while, I thought I’d post this tonight. It’s something you can all discuss amongst yourselves in the comments. The subject is coffee. Who doesn’t love coffee? (That’s not what I want to discuss, but if you have to… just try not to get into any fights, okay? Some of us are pretty passionate about our caffeinated beverages.)

What I’m really interested in is how you all go about ordering coffee. In Japan you ask for “kohi” (pronounced almost like coffee) but I was warned that if I don’t want something I can suspend a spoon in, I should always request an “American kohi.” So there’s that.

Last time I was in London, I ordered a coffee and they asked me if I wanted it “black” or “white.” … coffee’s black, right? So I ordered black. The look I got when I asked for cream could have backed up a parked truck. I was told off that I should have ordered it “white” in the first place. Lesson learned.

Here in Canada on the other hand, we ask more for what we want IN our coffee than we actually order coffee. If you walk into a Tim Horton’s and ask for a “double-double,” they’ll give you a cup of steamy deliciousness with two shots of cream and two spoonsfull of sugar. There’s no question that what you want is coffee – everyone wants coffee! Right? Right. Of course Starbucks is a different story altogether. No matter what country you’re in, if you don’t brush up on your Italian at the door you can expect a tutorial before you empty your wallet.

What about where you live? Or where you’ve traveled to? Talk about it with each other and I’ll read all your anecdotes the next time I go online… IN JAPAN!!

See you on the flipside!

NanoPoblano’s a blast even if you cheat – check it out!



Seeing Pink – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (Colour)

It happened again yesterday. I was sitting in a Tim Horton’s with my mother and Alex (my youngest son who is Deaf and doesn’t eat much by mouth – he’s g-tube fed), and my mother and I were eating and drinking coffee. Alex, in his usual sociable way was looking around and smiling and waving at the other customers. Beside us were a pair of elderly ladies. They were enamoured of Alex, which is par for the course.

One of them observed Alex as he took his Timbit (a doughnut hole, for those of you who haven’t been in a Tim Horton’s in the last 20 years) and put it back in the bag. He wasn’t really interested in eating it as I knew he wouldn’t be. He just likes me to buy him something so he doesn’t feel left out… and at 20cents, I can’t complain.

The ensuing conversation went something like this:

Lady#1: Isn’t he going to eat that?

Me: No, he’s not hungry.

Lady#2: He’s very cute.

Me: And he knows it.

Lady#1: Maybe he’d like something else. A sundae maybe?

Me: (thinking ‘I’m glad he can’t hear you.’) No, he’s okay.

Lady#1: (to Alex) Aren’t you hungry?

Me: (signing to Alex) Are you hungry? (note: I could have signed ‘Are you a chicken?’ to ensure he’d say no, but his laugh would have given me away)

Alex: (shakes his head, no.)

Me: (to Lady#1) Nope, he’s not hungry.

Lady#2: How old is he, six?

Me: No, he’s 13.

Lady#1: Does he know sign language?

Me: (thinking ‘No, we just flail at one another and hope for the best’) Yes, he does.

Lady#1: Isn’t that nice. (She then proceeds to perform the sign for ‘please’.) “Love,” she says to Alex.

Lady#1: (to Lady #2) That means ‘love.’ (she signs ‘please’ again.)

Alex: (smiles and nods even though he’s totally confused)

Having strangers tell you to feed your child, in front of your child, makes me see red on the best of occasions. But I’ve gotta say, this one was amusing enough that I only saw pink.


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