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176. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right


Friday, February 23rd, 7:00 10:10pm
Maurice and Stuart


Maurice sits at the window. Stuart takes the seat beside him.

Maurice: Hey! What happened to you? You’re really late tonight.

Stuart: (nods) You remember that old lady who lives with me?

Maurice: Yeah. Is she okay?

Stuart: Oh yeah. We got into a rousing game of Monopoly.

Maurice: I don’t think I’ve ever heard the words “rousing” and “Monopoly” used in the same sentence before.

Stuart: You haven’t met this lady. It all came down to her having hotels on Park Place and Boardwalk, and me with hotels on everything else, and she still won.

Maurice: Wow. The odds are incredible.

Stuart: Not really. Just as I was about to win, the dog and the cat flew across the board, chasing each other, and we lost everything. Had to start over again.

Maurice: Seriously? You must have already been playing for a while if you had all those properties. No wonder you’re late.

Stuart: Oh, no. That’s not why I’m late. The cat got out as I was walking out the door. I had to chase it around the neighbourhood.

Maurice: Oh man. How did you catch it?

Stuart: It got wet.

Maurice: Outside? In this weather?

Stuart: Kid saw me chasing it and squirted the thing with a squirt gun, thinking it was a rat.

Maurice: That’s right. It’s bald on account of the old lady’s allergies. But that doesn’t explain how you caught it.

Stuart: Sure it does. It brushed up against a fence post and got stuck. I’ve spent the last two hours figuring out how to heat up a fence post to get the cat off it.

Maurice: (looking confused) So, how does that have anything to do with the Monopoly game?

Stuart: (shrugs) It doesn’t.


Next stop: Saturday, February 24th, 7:00pm

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

2 thoughts on “176. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

  1. Seriously, this cat tho…


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