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337. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

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Friday, August 3rd, 8:00pm
Lacey (and The Darkness) (and Andrea)


Lacey sits at the window. The Darkness takes the seat beside her.

The Darkness: Hey baby. Want to get it on?

Lacey: (turns up lip) Who the hell are you?

The Darkness: (smiles) I am The Darkness.

Lacey: You’re the … Ohhhh!

Andrea boards the bus and approaches.

Andrea: Hey Lace! You met him! (sits on The Darkness’s lap) Isn’t he, like, great? (kisses him on the cheek)

Lacey: Yeaaah…

Andrea: Did he show you the new phrase I taught him?

Lacey: I’m not sure.

Andrea: (to The Darkness) Tell her what I showed you this morning.

The Darkness: Hey baby. Want …

Andrea: Not that one! The other one.

The Darkness: (smiles) Want some honey on your …

Andrea: NO! Not that one either. You know, the other one.

The Darkness: (thinks for a moment then realization dawns) How are you today?

Andrea: That’s it!

Andrea and The Darkness start making out. Lacey stares out the window.


Next stop: Saturday, August 4th, 9:00pm

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Author: Linda G. Hill

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